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Running a website can be overwhelming. There are security threats, update issues, and broken links to worry about. Keeping up with all of these can seem impossible. Maintaining a website and ensuring it’s working perfectly 24/7 can be underrated until your website starts giving you issues and your users and customers won’t stop complaining due to poor and inefficient service. 

Decisions about website maintenance need to be made with professional help in order to avoid any severe repercussions. If you’re looking for an expert to regularly perform website maintenance services for you, look for Site Architects. We’re one of the best providers in the online marketing industry and we can help your website reach its fullest potential. Our web maintenance services will improve the overall look and feel of your site, driving conversions, keeping visitors on your site longer, and broadening your reach.

One of the worst consequences that may happen due to lack or novice website maintenance is losing your online presence. If you don’t take action, other problems may arise in the future, such as: 

  • Search engine penalties, 
  • Higher bounce rates,
  • Loss of customers and even a damaged brand image. 
  • Poorly maintained web pages lead to lower ranking and unsatisfied customers
  • Increased risks of getting penalized by Google

Website maintenance services ensure that your website stays functional, up-to-date, and secure in the hands of an expert. Let our professional maintenance services help you unlock the full potential of your website.

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Web Maintenance for your Business

Our website maintenance services include all activities for keeping a close eye on your website issues and fixing them as they are discovered. We specialize in making sure your website remains functional without any loss in user experience and/or downtime. This can help you to save money and time. Our team will analyze your website and make a specific plan of action. We’ll keep an eye on your site to prevent problems before they happen.

According to Searchmetrics, 80% of consumers find that website speed has an impact on their buying decision. Analyzing the website maintenance and finding bottlenecks before they happen is key to keeping your visitors happy. Site Architects helps you track, diagnose and resolve website issues to get the maximum performance out of your site and no daily hassles.

This is done by proven experts with over 18 years of experience, so you can feel confident knowing we’ve been there too. We know what we’re doing, which means you’ll get good results and save money in the long run. And with our dedicated Account Executives, Free Consultation, and On-Site Service Providers, it will be easy for you to remember the website maintenance services we provide.

The idea is to make sure the website remains functional without any loss in user experience and/or downtime. We have developed a comprehensive list of all website maintenance services to make sure your website is always in good shape. 

The website maintenance checklist consists of six areas that need attention on a regular basis–security, content, design, technical SEO, functionality, and performance. We work with all major CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and BigCartel. 

Web maintenance ensures that a website continues to function properly after it has been launched by resolving web issues, making web improvements, updating web content, and more.

There are three types of website support and maintenance you can enjoy at S  its architect:

  • Monitoring: Web monitoring entails having dedicated professionals monitoring your infrastructure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Web monitoring is also web security, as it allows your website to detect and escalate potential threats quickly.
  • Remediation is a type of monitoring that includes the resolution of issues by trusted developers.
  • Web management encompasses both web support and web maintenance services, which aid in the maintenance of a healthy, bug-free environment for all of your web applications. This could include updating software libraries or plugins, patching servers against known vulnerabilities, and so on.

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We are large enough to provide you with all of the services needed and give real attention to your project. We are not just another company selling you our services. You will always deal directly with us and get an experienced professional for all of your web maintenance needs

Scheduled website maintenance is an essential part of keeping your website up and running, ensuring that it runs smoothly. We offer annual and monthly packages for all our website management services to keep your site functional and updated. 

We have successfully maintained websites of many kinds and sizes, both small and large, including eCommerce and educational platforms. Our expert will optimize your website for a better user experience, boosting targeted traffic, increasing search rankings and ROI, as well as avoid any downtime.