Common Issues When Redesigning Your Website

Common Issues When Redesigning Your Website

Have you ever wanted to give your website a major overhaul and bring it up-to-date with the latest design trends, only to realize that there is so much more involved in this process than you originally anticipated? Redesigning your website can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what common issues people face during the process.

That’s why we will cover some of the most frequent obstacles encountered when it comes time for web admins, business owners, and digital marketers to make changes.

Specifically, we will discuss how various features, content strategies, and visual elements affect user experience (UX).

Keep reading to learn more about typical roadblocks that come along with revamping an existing site and ways you can avoid them.

The Top and Severe Website Redesign Mistakes

Not Making The Website As Responsive

Redesigning your website is an exciting and potentially lucrative endeavor, but a lot can only go right if you take the proper steps.

One common mistake that people make is not making their website responsive, which can lead to major issues. A website that isn’t responsive won’t be optimized for mobile devices, meaning anybody trying to access it on their phone or tablet will have difficulty navigating everything.

If a potential customer can’t access your site easily and efficiently on whatever device they use, you risk losing them to competitors whose sites are accessible on all platforms. Responsive websites are the way of the future.

Not Setting The End Goals

Far too often, people need to set goals before they jump headfirst into a website redesign. This can lead to poor strategy and a lack of direction – leaving designers needing an idea of what they’re aiming for.

Companies must have set achievable and measurable goals to determine whether or not their website is delivering the desired outcomes.

Most importantly, it’s impossible to understand if the investment in the site is paying off! Before taking the plunge and getting your website redesigned, think carefully about what you want to achieve.

Doing so will help ensure you get maximum value from your design project and ensure that your venture is successful, plus you’ll have something tangible to measure against afterward.

Not Simplifying The Website Design

It’s easy to get caught up in making the perfect website, but often this comes at the expense of ease of use. Too busy design and clutter can hinder visitors from finding what they need on your website quickly.

Additionally, bombarding them with too many visuals can cause overload and lead to a lack of engagement with your site.

It’s vital to ensure that your web design is simple, streamlined, and user-friendly: even though you want to showcase beautiful visuals or interesting details, it’s best not to go overboard when trying to make an impressive design. Remember: what looks good doesn’t always equate to practicality.

Not Optimizing Your Website

One of the most common – and easily avoidable – mistakes people make when redesigning their website is not optimizing it for search engines. From slow loading speeds to unresponsive designs, adequate SEO optimization can prevent your site’s visibility from tanking in SERPs, resulting in fewer clicks and views.

This can be easily avoided by using best SEO practices such as using relevant keywords throughout your web copy, focusing on page speed optimization, ensuring your page titles reflect the page’s content and implementing meta descriptions highlighting the key features or benefits of a given page.

Taking the time upfront to ensure your website is properly optimized will put you miles ahead once launch day rolls around.

Failing To Understand Technical Requirements

Everyone occasionally wants to spruce up their website, but many people need help understanding the technical requirements needed for a successful redesign.

Knowing bandwidth capabilities and HTML code knowledge is especially important if you want your redesign to be more than cosmetic. Even if the pieces are pretty, it won’t matter if they can’t function properly on your page.

Avoid this costly mistake by making yourself aware of all necessary technical details before committing to a website revamp – it’ll save you plenty of headaches in the long run.

Redesigning your website and not sure where to start?

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